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    Hope is a terrible thing - Pier Paolo Pasolini.

    Devo farmi una maglietta con questa cosa.

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    Natural History and pictures of reptiles:edited by HR Schinz; according to the nature and the most exquisite original research drawn and lithographed by KJ Brodtmann. on Flickr.

    Publication info Schaffhausen: From Brodt man’s lithographic Art Institute, 1833.
    BHL Collections:
    Ernst Mayr Library of the MCZ, Harvard University

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    Principal types of Dragonfly venation. 1917.

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    me gettin stabbed as usual

    "lol what can you do"


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    Ugh this is annoying

    The fork pissed me off so much.

    This ruined me.

    This is all wrong

    I can’t handle this

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    Beware Of Tank Contents

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    These guys pour molten metal over wood to make awesome furniture!

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    Here’s an interesting study: psychologists at the University of York wanted to investigate first impressions. They had people rate 1000 images of faces on different social traits (this person looks more approachable, that one looks less dominant) and also mapped “65 physical attributes, such as eyebrow width, mouth area, and cheekbone position” … even head angle!

    Then, with some statistical analysis, they were able to show how different physical traits influence our first impressions. We obviously use physical cues to determine how attractive someone is, but according to the study those same cues influence what we think about their personalities.

    These cartoon faces are based on the study - the researchers took their objective measurements of various facial features and optimized them for certain traits. Obviously we can’t control a lot about our faces, but the study does suggest that if you want to appear more approachable, smiling really big and tilting your head to the side (at a 10.21 degree angle to be precise) might help.

    Source: Richard J. W. Vernon, Clare A. M. Sutherland, Andrew W. Young, and Tom Hartley, Department of Psychology, University of York

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    (NASA)  Four Billion BCE: Battered Earth 

    No place on Earth was safe. Four billion years ago, during the Hadean eon, our Solar System was a dangerous shooting gallery of large and dangerous rocks and ice chunks. Recent examination of lunar and Earth bombardment data indicate that the entire surface of the Earth underwent piecemeal upheavals, hiding our globe’s ancient geologic history, and creating a battered world with no remaining familiar land masses. The rain of devastation made it difficult for any life to survive, although bacteria that could endure high temperatures had the best chance. Oceans thought to have formed during this epoch would boil away after particularly heavy impacts, only to reform again. The above artist’s illustration depicts how Earth might have looked during this epoch, with circular impact features dotting the daylight side, and hot lava flows visible in the night. One billion years later, in a calmer Solar System, Earth’s first supercontinent formed.

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    An interesting perspective on Google.


    #FridayFunFact: what happens within the Google universe in 60 seconds.  

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    Sky burial is a ritual that has great religious meaning. Tibetans are encouraged to witness this ritual, to confront death openly and to feel the impermanence of life. They believe that the corpse is nothing more than an empty vessel. The spirit, or the soul, of the deceased has exited the body to be reincarnated into another circle of life. The corpse is offered to the vultures.

    It is believed that the vultures are Dakinis. Dakinis are the Tibetan equivalent of angels. In Tibetan, Dakini means “sky dancer”. Dakinis will take the soul into the heavens, which is understood to be a windy place where souls await reincarnation into their next lives.

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    Very important

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